Online Virtual Team Building Game (Worldwide)

Are you looking for online team building ideas that you can take on from home? Want to meet up, problem solve and have fun with your coworkers from the comfort of your living room? With our at-home escape room experiences, you can do just that! At Escape Room Melbourne (ERM), we have created the best ever virtual team building game online and it is specifically catered to the remote team-building experience.

What is a virtual escape room?

Escape rooms are all about problem-solving, working together and thinking laterally to find solutions as a team. However, when lockdowns made it difficult to get together for group activities, we started thinking about new ways that we could bring that classic escape room experience to a new medium. This led to us creating the Isolation escape room experience, pairing all of the puzzles and teamwork of an escape room with the convenience and accessibility of an at-home setup.

How does our online team building game work?

When creating these games, we wanted to make sure that they were as accessible as possible regardless of location and available technology. Because of this, our online team building activities can be played with groups around the world, with the only things you need being a microphone, camera and reliable internet connection to get started. Having a basic understanding of programs like Zoom & Google Drive will also make entering the game quicker, but we do everything we can to ensure a simple, easy-to-understand process from start to finish.

Once you make your booking, you will receive all the relevant information to get ready for your experience as well as some tips and tricks allowing you to feel prepared and comfortable. Once your team is all logged on, we provide an introduction, giving you the rules of the room, and how you will be playing. From there, your experience should take around 2 hours, with the Zoom call ending 2.5 hours after your initial session start time.

When it comes to providing online team building games for remote employees, Escape Room Melbourne has you covered. So, what are you waiting for?


Online Live-Action Puzzle Experience


We recommend 2-6 players for Isolation.


Our online virtual team building game has been featured across the media.


“The room’s storyline mirrors much of the world’s experience during 2020, and the sense of being alone, of needing help, of relying on strangers on the internet, is something with which we can all relate. The format of the room also means people from all over the world can play together, which was not something we considered possible at the start of 2020. Maybe we’re not so isolated after all.”