Make their next birthday party one they’ll never forget! Have you got an amateur adventurer on your hands? How about an avid puzzler or a budding cryptographer? If your kids have an affinity for novel and exciting challenges, chances are they’ll feel right at home solving some of our escape rooms.

At Escape Room Melbourne, we pride ourselves on creating fun and engaging experiences that are inclusive of all ages. Although none of our escape rooms have age restrictions, we do recommend the Mine Escape and our signature Escape Room in Flemington for first-time escapers or if you’re looking for the best escape room for kids in Melbourne.

Flemington, Victoria

Based in our Flemington location, this mysterious room and its presumed owner hold a number of secrets that will need to be solved to escape. Can you and your kids escape Australia’s original escape room? Enquire about our Flemington escape room for kids today.


Work your way through the high-stakes story lost within a mysterious mine. With time against you, can you save your children and escape the mine on time with your family? With flashing lights and smoke effects, Mine Escape is a truly unique experience.


Please note that despite our rooms not having age restrictions, adult (18+) supervision is required for any participants under the age of 16. Keep in mind that when booking a session at one of our escape rooms for a kids’ party, one of the participants must be a parent or guardian.

As our rooms are designed to be a thoroughly satisfying challenge for people of all ages, some of our rooms involve puzzles which may best be tackled with adult supervision. Some puzzles can only be completed if there is a participant that’s taller than a child as well, so an adult must always be involved in any escape room party activity.


A mysterious room, abandoned for more than half a century. Who was the owner? Why did they leave? You have a 70 minute session to solve this curious mystery and escape! Master Australia’s original Escape Room! As this is an intermediate level experience that accommodates 2-5 people, this room is highly recommended for any looking for an escape room for a kids’ party of any size.

Looking for a gripping escape room for kids? Try Mine Escape! You and your fellow miners arrive for your shifts at the quarry, only to find the head office deserted. Others have left to investigate some unusual activity in the mine, and haven’t been seen since. It’s up to you and your friends to bring them to safety, but the clock is ticking – can you get them out in time? Mine Escape is recommended for 2-6 people.

Please note – Although kid friendly, this experience contains flashing lights and smoke effects.

"A level of psychological detail and inventiveness I hadn't expected... It lingers long after the locked door clicks open."

"Surreal, emotional and cohesive. We got to experience something that was truly new."

Over 400 five star reviews.

Creativity Fun Atmosphere "Easily among our favourite rooms in Australia."

Atmosphere Creativity Fun


“For older kids who can handle the pressure, the Mine Escape…is a nail biter of a challenge” – Ella’s List

If you have a larger party to cater for, we recommend booking multiple time slots across the day. In this way, groups can go head to head with one another, adding a competitive edge to your party.

Have your eager explorers mastered both of these thrilling rooms? Why not try some of our other rooms?