Looking for a corporate team building activity that your colleagues will love? If working-from-home or a hybrid work model has gotten your team feeling a little more scattered than usual, our escape room team building events may be just the ticket to boosting the cooperation of your corporation.

Whether it’s for an end-of-year celebration or to boost team morale, look no further than an escape room experience for your next corporate team building event!


When thinking of corporate team building activities, most peoples’ minds inevitably wander to mundane activities like wellbeing seminars that have you and your team performing clichés like trust falls. The problem with these types of events is that by the time they’re over, people generally just feel like their time has been wasted and rush off to finish their work or head home.

That’s where escape rooms for team building have an edge. Escape rooms are an exciting way to reinvigorate your team, revitalise relationships and most importantly, have a positive experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

South Melbourne

Fractured, our most difficult room, will provide an unparalleled level of challenge for teams of up to 6. Robert, a WWII veteran, has fallen into a coma and needs your team’s help to regain consciousness. You are your colleagues will be amazed by how realistic. Does your work have what it takes?


Work your way through the high-stakes story of you and your office colleagues lost within a mysterious mine. With time against you, can you save your peers and escape the mine on time? With flashing lights and smoke effects, Mine Escape is a truly unique experience. Suited for teams of 6.


Swap your day job and become a magician’s assistant in Kellar’s Magic Emporium. The role involves solving a series of deceptive puzzles. As a psychologically creepy room, this experience is perfect for you and four colleagues. With no jump scares, it’s also suitable for those with heart conditions. 

Flemington, VIC

Based in Flemington, this mysterious room and its presumed owner hold a number of secrets that will need to be solved as a team to escape. Can you and your coworkers escape Australia’s first escape room? Suitable for up to 5 people. Enquire about our Flemington corporate team building escape rooms today.


Still working remotely, or maybe your office has embraced flexible working for good? Isolation is our virtual escape room that is suited for 6 players from anywhere in the world.Your team will be immersed into a sci-fi mystery, where you will interact over Zoom with a live performer to unearth a world-changing discovery.


Healthy interpersonal relationships are vital for maintaining a great office atmosphere and corporate culture. When employees feel appreciated and valued by their colleagues, it works wonders on workplace productivity, and the positive impacts just ripple out from there.

Escape rooms have many unique benefits for team building in the corporate context, including:

Being purpose-driven and facilitating bonding

By their very nature, escape rooms have an end goal that the team must work together to achieve. By giving participants a common purpose, a sense of unity draws people together, boosting the relationships between your team members. We always say that best corporate team building activities are ones that actively do build teams!

Creating leadership opportunities

Escape rooms open up the opportunity for many office employees to step beyond the usual boundaries of their role and become team leaders. In order to escape the room, out-of-the-box thinking and active participation are more than necessary. Beyond creating leadership opportunities, escape rooms for team building inspire natural collaboration across departments who may not otherwise have opportunities to work together in their formal work settings.

Eliciting a sense of achievement

Beating an escape room is no easy feat, and any team that manages to escape is sure to experience a great sense of accomplishment. Each team member will hold their fellow winners in high esteem, appreciating their combined creative thinking, effective communication skills, and all the other positive collaborative attributes that allowed them to beat the room and achieve their shared goals!

They are fun!

Take it from any of the hundreds of Melburnians who’ve had a go at our challenging escape rooms: they’re a whole lot of fun! As an engaging and interactive experience, your team is sure to leave in a positive frame of mind, which will then carry over into their professional lives. Your team is likely to feel the positive impacts of our escape rooms designed for team building for weeks to come. All in all, our escape rooms are guaranteed to be one of the funnest corporate team building activities out there!


Escape rooms place the ultimate importance on working together to achieve a shared goal through unconventional thinking and communication. Here at Escape Room Melbourne, we believe that these are vital attributes of any highly-effective corporate team.

Even after the day is done, the escape room experience will continue to be a talking point in the office for months to come. Your team will remember forming strong bonds and banding together to overcome their shared challenge. The experience will also encourage employees to tackle problems from new perspectives, and highlight the profound benefits of intra-organisational collaboration – a vital (but often underdeveloped) skill in most offices.

All in all, the escape room experience creates new social ties and facilitates a more inclusive and happy working environment. Escape rooms make the perfect corporate team building activity, stimulating new channels of communication and boosting productivity in the workplace!

If you think your team has what it takes to escape, book now.

"A level of psychological detail and inventiveness I hadn't expected... It lingers long after the locked door clicks open."

"Surreal, emotional and cohesive. We got to experience something that was truly new."

Over 400 five star reviews.

Creativity Fun Atmosphere "Easily among our favourite rooms in Australia."

Atmosphere Creativity Fun


“For older kids who can handle the pressure, the Mine Escape…is a nail biter of a challenge” – Ella’s List

If you have a larger party to cater for, we recommend booking multiple time slots across the day. In this way, groups can go head to head with one another, adding a competitive edge to your party.

Have your eager explorers mastered both of these thrilling rooms? Why not try some of our other rooms?