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A Survival Guide For Scary Escape Rooms

So, you’ve decided to challenge yourself and try your first scary escape room. You’ve put your comfy shoes on, your team is ready and your mind is racing. So, what do you have to look out for and what can you look forward to? We’ve got the ultimate scary escape room guide to make sure you make it out in record time.

Make Sure to Warm Up

And no, we don’t mean your muscles. Although your ego might tempt you to go for the scariest escape room experience first, it’s generally a better idea to opt for a more laid-back escape room while learning the ropes. Although the scary option will get your heart and mind racing, starting with something slightly calmer will help you to understand the fundamentals of the game. So, when it comes time to up the ante with a spooky escape room, you’ll be ready.

Don’t Overanalyse

When stuck inside an escape room, it’s easy to read into every little detail. Is the clock pointing to 3 o’clock because that’s the time, or are the arrows pointing at something? Remember that these rooms, although challenging, are not designed to keep you in there forever. So, pay attention to the little details but don’t let your mind play tricks on you! When in doubt, return to the last thing that you unlocked, you may have simply overlooked a clue in a panic!

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Buy Into The Story

If you’re a horror movie buff like we are, one of the best parts of a scary escape room is the story. Perhaps you’re trapped in a haunted mansion, or being spooked by ghosts? Regardless, it’s time to buy into the narrative and enjoy all the spooks and scares that come with the horror-themed fun. Also, ensure you’re prepared for a few good-natured spooks: it could be in the form of an undead actor, some ghoulish imagery or simply some flickering lights. No matter what it is, expect to get scared. Although you can expect to be scared, you can still leave at any time if you feel you need to. The best part of scary escape rooms is they get the blood pumping in a super safe controlled environment. In saying that, maybe skip the caffeine beforehand.

Scary Escape Rooms Need Supportive Teams

The ultimate tip for beating a scary escape room is to go with a supportive team. Whilst you might have friends who are strategic professionals and great at working alone, maybe it’s better to leave them behind. Working with a group that will listen to and support each other will ensure you have fun. For example, a supportive team will encourage you to speak up if you see something, no matter how silly it may seem. Escape rooms are meant to be a little tricky, so you may have just found the next clue.

Another thing worth noting is there is strength in numbers. Going with your best friend might be fun, but extra eyes will help you to share the load, and gives you a higher chance of getting out in one piece. It can be a fabulous family activity for our brave little ones, but if you find yourself in a situation where things need to be toned down, the room’s supervisor has the ability to pull things back. Always communicate, they are there to make sure you succeed, all in one piece!

A scary escape room is sure to be the perfect experience for you and your friends, family or coworkers. Being both an adrenaline rush and a problem-solving puzzle where you have to work together to get out in time, scary escape rooms really are the best of both worlds. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure; you’re sure to have a spook-tacular time.

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